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Left all alone in the cold dark night
My wings emerge and I begin to take flight
I look down on cities and people and places
But only see demons and not friendly faces
I notice someone walking, surprised that it's you
Looking so peaceful, but I can see through
I gaze into your eyes; you don't know I'm there
Why must I always feel such despair?
I think of how bad you have let me down
My wings start to crumble; I fall to the ground
You took all my faith and every belief
Is anyone ever going to truly love me?
I fall right there, in front of your eyes
No longer invisible, my tears undisguised
Will you pick me up or just leave me alone?
You turn around and begin to walk home
I call out your name and you just keep going
I truly loved you, but was it not showing?
I thought that you would be my someone
But I thought wrong, I've been abandoned
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July 1, 2011
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